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An Important Message About Wellness Benefits & Programs at Work

Wellness Programs at Work, Wellness Program Benefits, Health in the Workplace, Worksite Wellness Programs
From the Desk of Sean Slovenski,
CEO, Hummingbird Coaching Services™, Inc.

Dear Corporate Executive,

Is there any hope your employees can change?

Absolutely and here’s why …..

MyHealthCoach.com has helped thousands of individuals since 1997 to reduce their health risks and improve their overall health and productivity.

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Traditional approaches to worksite wellness coaching programs have been in-person and/or telephonic in nature. Coaching by phone offers live inter-action that can increase employee responsibility for making life-style changes however, conversations are limited in time and frequency, are often canceled, or occur when your employee doesn’t really require coaching and is not ready and focused enough to dedicate their full attention in the moment.

More affordable wellness program benefits are web-based only coaching solutions are typically based on “artificial intelligence” that gives employees a self-guided program that does not harbor the one-on-one coaching relationship and accountability needed to foster behavior change. This type of self-guided web-based coaching is scalable from a cost perspective but requires a “live” coach to produce behavior change over time.

A solution for greater health in the workplace

MyHealthCoach.com, created by Hummingbird Coaching Services™ is different.

Hummingbird Coaching™’s proven and proprietary coaching process offers the strengths that exist with the above delivery methods and adds the critical missing components to create a complete solution for wellness programs at work:

  • Unlimited access to a highly credentialed coach enjoying communication at teachable moments when it is needed.
  • The same coach for a customer to work with to establish relationship that creates ongoing accountability and behavior change
  • The ease, convenience, and flexibility of secure web-based, on-line communication (or scheduled telephonic communication) producing a cost-effective, scalable coaching model for highly dispersed employee populations
  • Highly personalized goal plans and motivational support designed specifically for each person and their particular needs. No “canned” approaches or “cookie cutter” programs that can fall short of meeting a person’s real life needs and circumstances.

We believe that 10 minutes of coaching at the right time are worth more than 30 minutes of coaching at the wrong time.

And, we have learned that fewer than 10% of employees prefer in-person sessions, fewer than 25% prefer telephonic sessions, but the vast majority of people prefer secure on-line communication with a coach when they require communication.

Worksite wellness programs are enhanced and employee accountability is increased when coaching is delivered at teachable moments of need.

In addition to unlimited access to our highly credentialed coaches the MyHealthCoach.com offers a comprehensive health and productivity management web portal including:

  • Personalized coach-selected library
  • Personal tracking capability
  • Over 250 health assessments
  • Health information
  • Care guides
  • Multi-media center
  • Health search
  • Drug interaction tools
  • Mood calendar
  • Fitness and nutritional programming
  • Fitness center discount program

We invite you to learn more about how our proprietary and proven process will reduce your cost and increase productivity with increased health in the workplace.

Thank you.
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Sean Slovenski CEO, Hummingbird Coaching Services™, Inc., Owner of MyHealthCoach.com

© 2007 Hummingbird Coaching, Inc.

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